Vegan Takes Her Neighbors To Court To Prevent Them From Barbecuing

Depending on who your neighbors are, you may either find it easy or a serious challenge to always keep the peace. While many people find themselves being forced to quiet down their loud activities or get rid of their animals, some homeowners in Australia are finding themselves faced with a bizarre situation – they are being s*ued by their neighbor because of their fondness for barbecue.

That’s right! Cilla Carden, a vegan that lives in Perth, Australia, is so offended by her meat-eating neighbors that she is taking them to court to deal with the smells that are emitted during their backyard barbecues, according to 9News.

Carden is a massage therapist who not only chooses to avoid meat but is so repulsed by it that she believes her neighbors are destroying her outdoor experience, making it impossible for her to enjoy her own yard without smelling fish that they are cooking next door.

This legal battle between Carden and her neighbors, Toan Vu, and his family, started in 2018 and it is still going strong. At this point, Carden’s claims have been thrown out of court twice due to a lack of evidence. Carden is claiming that the Vu family is barbecuing deliberately in order to annoy her; however, her claims are almost impossible to prove.

The smell of meat isn’t the only thing that makes Carden upset; she’s also disgusted that the Vu family smokes cigarettes and complains that their children are too noisy when they play basketball in their yard. In an attempt to try to appease her, Toan Vu put away his grill and also limited the areas where his children could play basketball. But, despite his efforts, Carden is not satisfied.

"It's been devastating, it's been turmoil, it's been unrest, I haven't been able to sleep," she told 9News.

Lawyer John Hammond told 9News that the fight is not over and that Carden might still be taking it to the Supreme C*ourt in the future. Meanwhile, the Vu family are not the only ones Ms. Carden has been focussing on – she has also tried to take action against other neighbors.


What do you think of this rather bizarre story? We should always try not to disturb our neighbors but do you think this woman is taking things a bit too far? Let us know in the comments.

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