Vet Tries To Sleep In A Freezing Dog House To Show How Much Dogs Suffer If Left Outside During Winter

Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward is one person that feels animals should be given the same care as humans. To prove that dog houses are not effective sh*elter, Dr. Ward decided to go spend the night in one – and he waited until the middle of winter to give it a try.

With the use of his phone, Dr. Ward filmed the entire event, and is now showing his experience to the world. The video is both interesting and painful to watch.

For years, dogs have been considered to be outdoor animals that are lucky to be given shelter in a barn or a dog house. While many people claim that animals were “made for cold weather”, others strongly disagree.

While Dr. Ward wanted the video to be realistic, he still started his night out wearing winter clothing to help keep him warm. He points out that animals aren’t able to put on extra clothes to protect them against the elements. Climbing into the dog house, Dr. Ward tries to snuggle down for the night, but the constantly-dropping temperatures make it impossible to feel at all comfortable, as reported by Pawbuzz.

As he shivers inside the dog house, Dr. Ward comments that his leg has gone numb from the cold. After four hours, the temperatures have plunged down to only 15 degrees, and ice is forming on the vet’s nose. Despite his best efforts at staying outside for the entire night, Dr. Ward can’t handle it. After four hours in the freezing cold, he packs it up and heads back inside.

After his harrowing experiencing in the doghouse, Dr. Ward is even more firm in his belief that dogs belong inside along with their owners during the cold winter months. He says that it’s making an animal suffer to leave them in the cold.

Animals in dog houses aren’t the only ones to worry about, either. Dr. Ward points out that homeless animals have a terrible lives and that individuals need to report them so that they can be put into a shelter rather than left to suffer in the cold.

You can watch Dr. Ward’s entire video to see his reaction to the cold. Pass this around to let people know it's cruel to leave dogs outside during the winter.


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