Woman Gets Followed Home By Three Strangers, Hugs This Black Guy And Asks Him To Help Her

Being a good citizen, neighbor and person can mean many things. But it doesn’t always include sunshine, rainbows, and pleasant tasks like baking pies for the local bake sale.

Sometimes, it means protecting a complete stranger when they’re being followed by a group of men intending to do them harm.

That’s exactly what one Twitter user did when a woman in need approached him, asking for his help.

She hurriedly told him to pretend that he knew her, so she could get back home to her son safely. Scroll down to read the full story in the Twitter user’s own words and to realize that there are still everyday heroes among us.

A Twitter user told everyone how he helped out a complete stranger who was being followed by 3 men

The story had an update

The Twitter user’s thread went viral with over 380.3k likes and more than 60.1k retweets. Which goes to show how much the internet appreciated the stranger’s kind actions. After all, if we were in trouble, we’d want to be helped out, right? But that also means that we’re responsible for helping others when we see that they’re in trouble.

This happened in New York and some of you might start wondering if the city’s dangerous. But that’s not necessarily the case. New York is the safest large metropolis in the United States and has a lower than average c*rime rate per inhabitant.

However! (Yes, there is a “however.”) New York is the most visited city in the country, with over 13 million visitors every year. That means that c*riminals see an opportunity. That’s why there’s lots of petty th*eft. And tourists are the targets.

What’s more, some of the city’s neighborhoods are rougher than others.

According to Smart Travel, popular tourist areas like Times Square, the Meatpacking District, and the Garment District have high v*iolent c*rime rates. Meanwhile, some other neighborhoods that you should be wary of include NoHo, Union Square, Hudson Square, Koreatown, the Flatiron District, Columbus Circle, and Upper Harlem. Especially at night.

If you’re planning to visit New York’s Chinatown, keep in mind that even though it has lower than average rates of th*eft and h*omicide, a*ssaults and r*obberies are much more common there.

Some safety tips to keep in mind are that you should never get into an unmarked cab, be very vigilant when walking after dark, and avoid Disney and superhero characters in Times Square who might try to hustle you. If you’re in trouble, ask the locals for help—they’ll be sure to lend a hand.

Most Twitter users were touched by the tale of everyday heroism

And some people even shared their own stories

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