Woman Shares Simple Hack To Lower High ER Hospital Bills And It's A Godsend

Twitter users claimed that hospitals are being forced to shave off medical bills thanks to Shaunna Burns' pro tip.

TikTok is not the place you'd imagine finding tips to reduce your medical bill but that's exactly what countless Americans are doing, thanks to one TikTok user.

In a platform that's known for short comedy sketches and lip-syncing, a TikTok user has revealed a simple hack to bring down your expensive hospital bills. Shaunna Burns' one-minute-long video explains how hospitals are trying to burden patients with massive bills that aren't properly accounted for. The video was uploaded on the TikTok account @shaunnaburns3 on December 3 and in it, Shaunna urges people to ask for an itemized bill. "You go to the emergency room, you get a bill for a thousand dollars. If that happens to you, say, 'I want an itemized bill with every single charge,'" said the North Carolina mom in the video.

Shaunna, who previously worked in debt collection, faced a mountain of debt due to her daughter’s medical condition and it was this hack that helped save huge amounts. She said that hospitals will reconsider and remove overpriced items from the bill that could be possibly disputed by the patient.

"They don't want you to know they've charged you $37 for a fu*king Band-Aid. Any of those stupid charges, they're going to take them right off," said Shaunna in the TikTok video. Shaunna's video has gone viral since and many are reporting results validating the 'hack.'

One user, Eva Zavala, tweeted: Broooooo I went to the ER a while ago and got a huge bill over 1,000. I saw a TikTok stating that if you ask for an itemized bill they reduce it and so I called and asked for 1 and just got it and bitch I don’t owe shit now. Many Twitter users couldn't believe it was as simple as what Shaunna claimed in the TikTok video. Another user wrote: lmfaooo dude I told my homegirl to do this after I saw that video and her bill went from $500 to $45 deadass.

The Twitter thread started with Zavala but the comments below the tweet suggest that it worked for many users. Zavala decided to try Shaunna's suggestion after getting a $1,000 medical bill after insurance coverage. "I thought, you know, what could I lose doing it?" said Zavala, according to The New York Times. "And so I called and I let them know who I was, and I just asked for an itemized bill for that hospital visit." The revised bill that Zavala asked for showed $0. "I couldn't believe it, that it was just gone," said Zavala.

It just goes to show hospitals are willing to make a killing at the expense of unaware and often, helpless patients. Shaunna said that the hospitals were trying to capitalize on the lack of awareness among average Americans. The video went viral and she gained over 100,000 followers in no time. Shaunna started creating new "debt pro tip" TikTok videos.

One of the videos also has more than 400,000 likes. Her videos in total have racked up at least a million likes. "It went crazy. I didn't even expect it," Shaunna said to Business Insider. "It just shows how many people out there don't know these legally-available-to-you facts." She quit the debt collection industry for the very same reason. She noted that people used shady tactics to recover debt from vulnerable people, and more often than not it involved illegal practices. "I literally spent hours a week fighting with insurance companies over stupid bills that shouldn't have been charged ... having to do all that is annoying and frustrating, and I thought if I could help one person, it would be worth it."

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