Woman Takes Picture Of Homeless Man Who Cared For Dog Abandoned On Highway, Comes Back With Almost $7,000

Life out on the streets isn’t easy as homeless people are forced to deal with the elements and the shame of having nowhere to call their own. No one understands this better than Ron Howell; however, this homeless man has shown us that even those in the worst situations can still lend a hand to help out in the world.

Ron is a frequent panhandler in Salt Lake City where he usually stands alongside of the road, begging for money. But one day, he found that someone else needed help even more.

Ron was standing along the street with a sign when a woman stopped nearby. While Ron might have expected a handout of money, what the woman actually held was a tiny Chihuahua puppy. When she noticed Ron looking at her, she hurried to explain that she couldn’t deal with the needs of the dog anymore and had to dump him out.

Ron immediately knew that he couldn’t just leave the puppy out alone. "I know how it feels to be homeless," he said to Fox 13 News. So Ron took the Chihuahua in and cared for him.

Angel Janes was driving down the road when she noticed Ron sitting alongside the whizzing traffic, cradling the puppy in his hands.

Angel stopped to talk to Ron about the dog, and he explained the entire situation.

"It was just this little, tiny chihuahua puppy that was curled in his lap, and he explained how someone just dropped it off, and just dropped it there and a*bandoned it," Janes said to the news station.

Amazed that he had taken on the responsibility of an a*bandoned puppy, even though it made his day more difficult, Angel chose to snap a picture and share the story on social media.

It only took a little while for the post to go viral, and one family decided that they could provide the perfect home for the puppy. Ron was thrilled to know that his furry companion was going to go to a home where he would be loved and cared for. The puppy was named “Lucky Louie” and left Ron to go stay with his new family. Sadly, Ron was left all alone, still living under the underpass.

Thankfully, some good samaritans were unable to forget about Ron and his kind heart. They began to gather money to help out this homeless man who cared so much about little animals. Ultimately, the individuals raised almost $7,000 and presented it to Ron.

What do you think of Ron's kind gesture toward this puppy? Tell us your thoughts below.

Source: apost.com

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