12 hilarious photos that prove parenting isn't for the weak

Parenting is a hard, time-consuming job. Exhausted and overwhelmed, raising a child can be a backbreaking affair. Many parents come up with innovative ways to deal with their new lifestyles.


Parenting small children gives people the ability to sleep in almost any position imaginable.

Both dad and child are asleep awkwardly atop a picnic table, catching up on some hard to find ZZZs.


Lack of sleep can lead to the desire – or necessity – to conserve energy whenever there are a few spare moments. Power naps can make all the difference.


Sometimes taking advantage of any nearby bed is too much to pass up. The baby looks pretty happy.


Finding opportune moments to sleep throughout the day, as the parent of a newborn, can keep someone alive. Not coincidentally, some of those best available pockets of time come when the baby’s asleep, too.


This dad tries sleeping but faces the challenge of a climbing child. As parents, be ready to face the reality of having another small being crawling anywhere possible.


Babies are small enough to fit in a plethora of unknown crawl spaces within the house. A drawer can be used as a makeshift bed or playpen.


Judging by this child’s facial expression, it’s safe to say he or she is unhappy. Some kids just hate baths, especially bubble baths.


Sometimes plates are unavailable or impossible to handle with a newborn always around and needing attention. Sometimes there are other creative ways to hold a meal…


Parents need to come up with new methods of engaging in their favorite hobbies when a newborn is involved. Here, a dad plays video games with his child.


Multitasking can take the form of talking on the phone while holding a newborn… or playing video games with it sleeping on one’s chest.


Having a new child can result in general untidiness. But paradoxically, there might not be enough time to clean. When a baby can’t be left unattended, one must multitask, which can result in holding a child in one hand and a vacuum cleaner in the other.


Sometimes infants scream. Sometimes parents do too.

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