5-Year-Old Gets The Same Haircut As His Friend To Trick Their Teacher So She Won’t Be Able To Distinguish Them

In 2017, Jaxon Rosebush, then five years old, from Kentucky, had the mischievous idea that if he got the same haircut as his best friend Reddy Weldon, their teacher couldn't tell them apart.

As Jaxon is white and Reddy is black, this would of course never occur, but the innocence of the young boys touched hearts everywhere.

The boys are inseparable friends. They love spending time together. Their racial differences don't even cross their minds as they laugh, talk, and play together on a regular basis.

Jax told his mom that for his next haircut, he wanted his hair to be very short, just like his friend Reddy's hairstyle. Instead of just admiring his BFF's look, he had another reason for wanting to copy his hairstyle. Jax told his mom that if he got the same haircut as Reddy, that their teacher might mistake them for each other, as reported here by CTV News.

Lydia Stith Rosebush, Jax's mother, thought this innocent request was too sweet not to share with the rest of the world. She told her friends on social media about it, and soon the story went viral.

What do you think about Jax's haircut request? Have you ever heard a child say something that reminded you of how accepting and loving kids can be? We'd love to read your thoughts in the comments! Pass along this heartwarming story to your friends and family!

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