Childless Man Confused When Cop Pulls Him Over For Not Having Baby In Car Seat - Then He Sees His Wife

Telling your husband he is going to be a daddy is quite a big deal. More moms are starting to get really creative with how they share their exciting news. Nikk Rock was no exception. She wanted to do something different that was completely outside the box. So she asked the local police and staged a truly special car ride.

Nikk Rock wanted to tell her husband she was pregnant in a unique way. She sat down and thought really hard about it. She decided she wanted to get the Hurst Police Department involved and they agreed. She knew it would be something her husband wouldn't expect.

As they were taking a drive, a police officer pulled them over. Nikk's husband was driving and was pretty confused about what he had done to be pulled over. The officer started walking up to the car when both of them realized that they knew him. That still didn't make Nikk's husband feel any better about the situation.

They exchanged some small talk and the officer asked some general questions. Then he explained why he had pulled them over. He tells the husband that it's because he has a baby in the car but not in a car seat.

Nikk's husband goes on to explain that he doesn't have a child. The officer asks him over and over if he is sure. As he is asking, he nods towards Nikk. She was sitting in the passenger seat and was holding up a pregnancy test. Finally, Nikk's husband looks toward her. She tells him that they do have a baby in the car and it's not in a car seat. She was so excited when she told him!

He stared in disbelief for a few seconds and then started beaming when he realized what was going on. He reached over and took the pregnancy test from Nikk. He wanted to see for himself. The officer's partner even had a gift for them. He tells the husband that the baby is due on his birthday and what a birthday present that would be.

The couple celebrated with a laugh and kisses. They were so excited to start this new chapter in their lives.

Do you have an interesting story about how you told your husband you were pregnant? Please tell us all about it in the comments below. Be sure and send this cute story on to your friends and family. Maybe an expecting mom will get some inspiration on how to tell her husband the news!

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