Couple Build Toilet Paper Throne After Accidentally Ordering 2,300 Rolls

A couple who accidentally ordered 48 boxes of toilet roll - or 2,306 rolls - decided to make the best of a bad situation by building their very own bog roll box throne.

Thirty-five-year-old Chris and Haidee Janetzki, 33, who live with their four kids, say they were shocked to see so many boxes of toilet paper delivered to their home in Toowoomba, Australia.

However, they quickly realised they'd mistakenly ordered 48 boxes of loo paper, instead of 48 rolls, costing $3,260 (more than £1,600).

Luckily, the family saw the funny side of the mistake and decided to get creative with their boxes of toilet roll and set about creating a unique throne.

In a clip the couple shared online, Haidee can be seen sat atop her throne while wearing a toilet paper crown and holding a specially made loo roll sceptre. Fancy.

They family also made a sturdy-looking wall along the side of their garage, which really shows just how much of they've been left with.

Haidee told ABC News: "It asked for the quantity and I wrote 48 thinking I want a box with 48 rolls in it.

"A couple of days later, I got an email saying the order was on the way, and that was all good.

"On a Monday there was a knock at the door at it was the courier. He said, 'I've got two pallets of toilet paper for you.'

"We checked the credit card statement to try to figure out what'd gone wrong and turned out I'd ordered 48 boxes, so it was legitimately my mistake."

The family reckon it will take around 12 years to get through all the paper, going at their current rate, so decided to set up a Very Cr*ppy Fundraiser where they flog the rolls to help raise money for their daughter's school's trip to Sydney and Canberra.

Haidee says the company offered to take the toilet paper back and refund them, but by the time they replied the family had already set up their fundraiser so decided to roll with it (sorry).

Bizarrely, the family put in their order weeks before people began panic-buying due to the coronavirus.

Photos taken in supermarkets throughout Australia show empty shelves where folks have rushed in to fill their trolleys with toilet paper.

Chris added: "I'm a pastor of a church and so a friend said, 'How prophetic are you to be able to see the future and know there was going to be a toilet paper shortage?'"

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