Couple Creates A Fake Lap For Clingy Cat To Sit On And She Can’t Tell The Difference

One of the things some people like the most about cats is that they’re independent. They don’t need to be coddled and cuddled as dogs do.

At least, so they say.

That sort of thinking definitely generalizes cats and dogs. In reality, each of these animals has its own personality and require different needs. While many cats do like to be left alone, some prefer the warmth of another.

Sometimes a brief petting is all that is required. Other times, it’s snuggles. It all depends on how your cat is feeling that day.

One London couple has a cat who prefers to be physically attached to her humans, Alex and Rebecca, in any way possible. And not just when they’re available to hangout but all of the time.

“She’s almost on you before you’ve even sat down – she’ll see that you’re near the sofa and her eyes go black, her ears go flat like you’re a target. Once you’re down, she’s there.”

It came as a surprise to the couple because they adopted a senior Ziggy three years ago. She was seven-years-old at the time.

When they brought her home, she was very shy in her new environment and needed time to adjust to her new family. But the couple was patient with the new member of their family. They knew it would take her time to adjust.

Eventually, she did. But that adjustment came with a new clause – Ziggy would be with them at all times.

“Even if you’re not sitting, she’ll find some way to be on you, whether it’s your back or your shoulder! When we’re both sat at our desks, she will sit behind you and yell until she has your attention.”

But the couple thinks that there is a reason for this intense turnaround.

“It took her a long time to warm (up) to us and I think that’s part of why she’s so intense,” says Rebecca.

Now, Ziggy is a lap cat through and through. Rebecca and Alex can’t seem to shake her from wanting to be physically attached to them in some way. Though they love their Ziggy, they both work from home and have had to work around her schedule.

“She becomes very vocal, but her meow is like a kitten’s. It’s so hard to ignore her, and she’ll yell and huff at the door if you shut her out, she gets very stressed.”

Thus, Alex thought it would be a good idea to try and accommodate Ziggy’s need for a physical presence when they are unable to give it to her. And we must say, it’s definitely one for the books.

Alex took an old pair of pants and stuffed them with a duvet, a towel, and a heating mat to create a fake lap. Interestingly enough, he pulled it off quite well. It looks like the real thing – minus the shoes, of course!

To their surprise, it worked! Ziggy began to rest on the lap when the couple was away. But they realize that Ziggy is a smart cat and more than likely understands that the lap doesn’t belong to an actual human.

“I don’t think she’s fooled by it, but I think it must feel familiar to her. She stayed there for hours. That’s the longest she’s been away from us!”

You might wonder whether they keep the lap out at all times. You know, for visitors.

“…they’re a bit too creepy to keep up all the time, so it’s currently on an, ‘as-and-when’ basis!”

It’s good that Ziggy will always have a friend around when her family can’t be physically present!

Source: Animalchannel

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