Dad Captures Twin’s Heart-Melting First Conversation With Each Other

Fraternal twins, Merle and Stijn were having their very first chat, brother to sister when proud dad Roy Johannik managed to get it all on camera.

This throwback video from 2011 of the newborn babies talking succeeded in melting the hearts of people around the world.

Little Stijn was lying back in her bed while an adult held Merle up so that he could look directly into her face when she began to “talk” with him. The little girl babbles on in her jibberish as she stares intently into his eyes. Merle seems to understand exactly what she’s saying as he is obviously fixated on every noise that she makes.

The two babies are lost in what they are talking about, paying no attention at all to mom or dad filming the event. Merle must have said something that Stijn finds funny because, at one point, she gives a huge grin that nearly covers her whole face as she stares up into his eyes!

When the short video clip was uploaded to the internet, it quickly went viral and currently boasts over 21 million views on Youtube.

Do you believe that babies have their own language? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and then invite your friends to watch this adorable video clip!

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