Dog Calls Mom At Work Because He Misses Her, Leaving Internet In Stitches

People who have never owned a dog often underestimate how smart they are and how attached they can get to their owners. But even lifelong dog owners were stunned to discover that an Airedale Terrier named Stanley called his owner while she was at work.

On that day, Stanley's mother had not been feeling well but went to work anyway, leaving Stanley home with his father.

Stanley sat by the door and waited for hours hoping that his mother would soon return. He remained by the door and became discouraged when she did not come home right away. Stanly began walking around the home trying to find something with which to pass the time.

His father noticed Stanley was upset and made him breakfast to lift his mood. Stanley poked at his food but did not eat half of it because his mind was distracted, and Stanley knew he would not be able to relax until he heard his mother's voice.

That's when it happened; Dad picked up his phone when it rang, and Stanley knew his mother was the one on the other end of the call. Stanley ran up to his father and begged for a chance to speak on the phone, but Dad did not know what Stanley was trying to say.

After hanging up, Dad told Stanley that his mother was working a double shift and would not be home for another six hours.

Stanley sat in the corner of the family room watching Dad play games on his smartphone for a few minutes. When Dad put the phone down and went to the bathroom, Stanley knew he could not waste the opportunity to solve his problem. He ran up to the phone, pressed his nose against the touchscreen and managed to hit redial.

The phone rang several times before Mom picked up. "Hello," she said while wondering who was on the other line, but Stanley stood in silence for several seconds. Stanley then proudly barked into the phone to show his mom how much he loved and missed her, and Dad caught the whole encounter on video for the world to see.

"I love you," Stanley's mom said into the phone, words that made Stanly happier than he has ever been.

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