Dog's Unusual Sleeping Position Has People In Stitches

After going to bed, most of us spend a little while tossing and turning, before settling on our go-to sleeping position.

For some, fetal is king, while others favour face up like a mummy, or face down when they're really p***ed.

Very few of us though clamber into bed and hold our legs straight up in the air, our eyelids peeled back somewhat psychotically all the while.

This is the preferred posture of one pooch who has gone viral.

In a video, one dog can be seen nestled on its bed in quite an orthodox configuration, its tail wagging gently. Meanwhile, on the bed next to it, a big daft black dog can be seen lying with its front legs rigid above it, as though afflicted by rigor mortis.

The video was shared on Reddit, with the caption 'there are two types of dog', and it has been upvoted more than 32,000 times.

Commenting on the video, one person said: "There are 2 types of dogs... You have type 3."

Another said: "Only post here so far that has actually made me laugh damn hard."

A third added: "Oh you have a purebred Goofball? Nice."

If you catch your dog roaching, then you're probably doing a good job of looking after them. Credit: Reddit/AnimalsBeingDerps

But while we may mock the pooch's positioning, it's actually more common than you might think. The position even has its own name, 'roaching', because it looks like a cockroach on its back - though I reckon 'upward facing dog' would work just as well.

The position is apparently favoured by dogs that feel particularly secure and relaxed and is especially popular among greyhounds.

According to ArcaMax: "There are dogs that favour sleeping on their backs; with their legs in the air...looking just like a dead cockroach! This is the position found only in a very secure and confident indoor pet.

"Sleeping on their back is the most vulnerable position for a dog to sleep. It is thought to be the most comfortable and most restful position. Plus, it's your dog's way of cooling down quickly. Indoor dogs that have expended lots of energy and/or are over-heated will sleep on their backs.

"The sleeping on their back position has not been observed as behaviour exhibited by dogs or wolves in the wild. Dogs kept outdoors will not sleep in this position either. This position sends a message of vulnerability and submission."

So next time you catch your dog in a roach position you can be doubly pleased, as you know they're feeling safe and sound, plus it's just funny, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/AnimalsBeingDerps

Source: Ladbible

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