Homeless Dad Of Five Kids Says He Can't Locate A Shelter That Will Take In Men With Children

Anyone who has ever been homeless will know what a terrible situation it is. One of the worst prospects many homeless people face is having no shelter for the night.

This is a story about a homeless man who not only had to take care of himself but of his five children as well. Joseph Cantu lives in Pontiac, Michigan, as reported by Fox 2. Just recently, his wife walked out on him and their five young kids.

Since he didn't have anyone to watch them while he worked, Joseph had to make them a priority. This caused him to lose his job at the car detailing company he worked for.

You would think that it would be easy for Joseph to find a shelter that would take him and his children in. After all, who could turn down five young kids? However, that is exactly what Joseph has said was happening. He stated that it has been almost impossible finding a local shelter than will take men who have children.

For awhile, Joseph had been placed on a waiting list for one of the few shelters that actually takes in men with children. While they were waiting to get in, he and his kids moved from one temporary sleeping arrangement to the other. He said that they had also spent countless nights in their van.

Joseph said that he never thought that he would ever have to deal with being on the street. He is upset that his children had to go through it as well.

"What bothers me the most is that they have to endure it as well,” he told Fox 2. “Luckily, they’re small enough they probably won’t remember it.”

Telling his story on TV changed a lot of things for Joseph and his family. Soon after it aired, messages and phone calls began pouring in! Check out his story below and see what viewers helped to do:

What do you think about the homeless situation in America? What can be done to help? Leave your ideas in the comment section, and then pass this on to your family and friends!

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