Homes In New York Become Igloos And Trap Residents Inside After Massive Blizzards

Houses near Lake Erie in New York now resemble elaborate igloos following blizzards and an icy blast.

Pictures show houses on Hoover Beach, just in front of the lake, covered in thick ice and long icicles after strong winds blew water from the lake ashore, where it has frozen and encased properties.

The ice is so thick on some homes that residents have had to use tools to get in and out.

Speaking to WGRZ, Hoover Beach local Ed Mis said: "I actually had to go out a secondary door and then chisel my way back into the house by breaking the ice.

Houses are encased in ice near Lake Erie. Credit: PA

"This is like our sixth storm in a matter of a few months, and it's kind of wearing on everybody."

Until the ice thaws, it is impossible to assess just how much damage has been done to the houses, though trees and power lines have also toppled in the strong winds, which almost reached 50mph.

The snowfall has also been particularly heavy near Lake Erie due to the 'lake effect', which occurs when cold, dry air moves over a lake, gathering up its moisture, before dumping it on the shore as snow.

Meanwhile, in Yorkshire, at least 78 houses are now under water following record rainfall.

Residents in Snaith and nearby villages are using boats to get about, with the water almost at ceiling level in some houses.

Kevin and Catherine Lorryman's bungalow is one of these homes and the damage is so severe they believe they may have to demolish the property.

Speaking to the BBC, Mrs Lorryman said: "We are just in a dream world at the moment and there are people all over this town exactly the same, it's a nightmare."

Featured Image Credit: PA

Source: Ladbible

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