Man Gives Away 270 Vintage Toilet Rolls He Found In Late Dad's Storage Unit

A man in Australia has found the 2020 Holy Grail - a massive haul of toilet paper locked away in a storage unit owned by his dad.

Michael Guirgis, from Sydney, found hundreds of vintage bog rolls bought back in the 1980s and 1990s - it's almost like Michael's dad knew this day would come.

However, instead of trying to cash in on the ongoing panic buying and stock-piling, Michael is offering up his retro rolls to anyone who needs them, completely free of charge.

Michael Guirgis found 270 toilet rolls in his late dad's storage unit. Credit: Facebook

Sharing his find on Facebook, he wrote: "We are giving away free 1980s-1990s Petal vintage single ply toilet rolls to those in desperate need. No, this is not a joke.

"So, my late father had stocked up on these toilet rolls back in the day (must have been on special) and stored them in the storeroom of a Marrickville unit, which I have been meaning to clear out but haven't as yet.

"Thankfully in the far corner I found these babies, approx. 270 rolls. It's like winning the jackpot. YESSSSS. Never have I been so excited to see toilet paper.

"I know dad would have wanted to share these if he was around in these crazy times, so if you need a roll or two to get you by and are local, send us a message and we'll get them to you."

As you can probably imagine in the current climate, the post took off and Michael said he's been flooded with hundreds of messages.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, Michael said: "I'm in a confused state right now - hundreds of people messaging me from this morning and last night.

Michael says he's received hundreds of messages after he offered to give away the toilet rolls. Credit: Facebook

"I don't know how to prioritise who to give them to. Obviously, the elderly and disadvantaged should be looked after first. I have a list of about ten places to go and deliver some this afternoon."

Kind-hearted Michael said he already had some charities and organisations in mind who he was planning on donating the toilet paper to.

Michael said his dad, Sobhi, had moved to Australia from Egypt in the 1960s and had a storeroom full of vintage stuff.

Source: Ladbible

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