Mom Called Into School After 6-Year-Old Writes Articulate, But Angry Letter To Teacher Who Disciplined Him

Children aren’t the most eloquent, nor are they generally great writers. But they can be brutally honest and capable of speaking their mind, whether in the right or wrong. To some children, a filter is a foreign concept, allowing many to unabashedly say whatever they please.

Whether it’s parents or a teacher, a child’s bluntness can be simultaneously humorous and scathing.

Jaquya Bradford recently shared a letter written by her coworker’s son directed at his elementary school teacher. Her coworker faced the wrath of a parent-teacher conference in lieu of its incendiary content.

6-year-old Isaiah, the student in question, was disruptive in class, supposedly talking out of line. As punishment, the teacher confiscated some of his things in an attempt to teach him a lesson – apparently possessions he deeply cares for. Isaiah reacted by penning one of the greatest letters in modern 6-year-old history.

The note calls out Ms. Jones, Isaiah’s schoolteacher. He goes so far as to liken her to a “th*ief and a c*rook,” calling her out for taking some of his possessions, namely 25 of his “hummingbird bucks,” which without knowing the full details, seem like class-specific currency for motivating students.

Although a little explicit in the letter, Isaiah was incredibly honest and spoke from the heart, even stating “im only 6 I cant be qyet all the time.”

Even though his spelling isn’t quite all there yet, he does have a rather expansive, adult-oriented vocabulary. The misspelled words still make sense phonetically. Isaiah’s diction is laden with fury, including a variety of blistering Biblical allusions. He may be mad, but he seems like a smart kid – a potentially potent combination as he grows up.

All things considered, Isaiah’s writing skills aren’t half bad, if not fiery. He makes some pretty cutting assertions, but backs up his points appropriately. He genuinely felt wronged and let Ms. Jones know, which is respectful; although, his methods may rightfully be questioned. Isaiah clearly values what he lost and did what he felt needed to be done.

Jaquya posted the letter on social media, and naturally, Twitter had a field day, generating a variety of interesting reactions.

Some responded in defense of Ms. Jones and viewed her disciplinary actions as productive.

Others applauded Isaiah’s bold efforts and natural writing skills, commending his penmanship.

And others simply found humor in the situation.

Those on the outside looking in may naturally react with laughter. Conversely, some may argue that Isaiah’s diction doesn’t seem appropriate for a child. It seems like Isaiah either has a quick temper, is overreacting, or simply wanted to try out some new vocabulary he learned at home. His letter seems rash even for a 6-year-old. Frankly, the diction and anger seem more reminiscent of a raging hormone-driven 12-year-old.

Isaiah’s letter had quite the response – a plethora of interesting Twitter reactions, an embarrassed mother, and an ethered teacher. R.I.P. Ms. Jones.

Sometimes brutal honesty is necessary. Sometimes people are simply out of line, regardless of age. As for Isaiah’s case – you be the judge.

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