Mother Tries To Bribe Her Baby With Snacks To Make Him Say 'Mama,' However, Her Dog Says It First

When a mother tried to coax her baby boy to say the word 'Mama' with the help of a tasty snack, Patch, their miniature Australian Shepard Dog, preempted him.

Patch is a beloved member of the Diaz-Giovanini family, who live in the humble city of Cedar Hills, Utah. They have an adorable nine-month-old baby boy named Sam and simply wanted to capture the wonderful moment of Lil' Sam saying the word 'mama.' The boy's mother, Andrea Diaz-Giovanini, was in for a surprise when she tried to coax her baby to say the word with the help of a tasty snack.

Look closely in the video when Patch's ears rapidly perk just as he begins to listen closely to her commands. He really wanted that treat and just couldn't help but utter the word, albeit in a very guttural way. One of the best parts of the clip is when Sam looks at Patch with annoyance and pushes him away as if to say, "Stop making me look bad!" The family busted out in laughter during that moment and we did as well.

There were a few people online that expressed their dismay after viewing this video. They didn't think Patch's owners gave him any treats after his impressive feat. The owners had to quickly appease the worrying crowd. So they uploaded footage that showed that they had indeed provided Patch with his tasty reward. All is said and done, and they can now enjoy this extraordinary moment again.

Patch is a very loyal pet, he became very dear to the Diaz-Giovanini's especially after he helped their grandmother during her recovery process. She had suffered from a nasty brain injury due to a major car a*ccident. On his own, Patch started to warn the family each time he thought she was about to have a s*eizure. Pretty cool, right?

We want to know what you think about this video. If you thought this clip was totally amazing, then don't hesitate to let your friends and family witness this adorable pup in action as well.

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