New Mum Accidentally Texts Hermes Delivery Driver About Intimate Issue Believing It's Her Health Visitor

A new mum managed to accidentally text her delivery driver about some slightly, erm, intimate issues - having mistakenly believed she was messaging her health visitor.

Jessica Courtney, 22, sent a text out asking the health expert for some advice about postpartum bleeding, following the birth of her son Jenson Carter.

The only thing is, she hadn't messaged her health visitor, but her kindly Hermes delivery driver, Stuart Mitchell - who thankfully took the sympathetic approach when he replied to Jessica explaining her blunder.

New mum Jessica Courtney accidentally texted a Hermes delivery driver a question about postpartum bleeding. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

He wrote: "I'm not a doctor. I'm Stuart, your Hermes delivery driver.

"If you're worried pop into the pharmacy or see your GP."

Mum-of-one Jessica had actually sent the message in January last year, but re-shared the amusing moment after it popped up on her Facebook Memories feed.

Jessica was mortified when she realised her mistake. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

A health visitor had seen Jessica for six weeks after she gave birth to Jenson, now a year old, via c-section as he had been two weeks late, weighing 9lbs 2oz.

She said the recovery process was 'pretty rough', but was on the mend after a couple of weeks.

However, Jessica grew concerned about some heavy spotting, and decided to text the health visitor, asking: "Heya just a question, I've been spotting still since having the baby but it's gotten heavier the past two days, could it be a period already or should I be worried?"

Jessica described her recovery after the birth of her son Jenson as 'pretty rough'. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Upon realising who she's actually messaged, Jessica promptly apologised to Stuart, saying: "OMG THAT'S SO EMBARRASSING. Sorry lol."

He replied: "It's safe to say that is the first time anyone has asked me that question!"

Jessica, from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, said: "When I picked up my phone and realised what it said and who it was from I was absolutely mortified.

"I literally just wanted to die, poor old Stuart. I couldn't believe I'd done it, I call it baby brain.

Jenson is now a year old. Credit: Kennedy News

"I was having an issue with after-birth spotting that then got heavier.

"I decided to drop my health visitor a text about it because I wanted to know if there was something wrong or if I was having my first period after the baby.

"I didn't save her number in my phone and clicked on what I thought was hers, but it turned out to be Stuart who had texted me about a late parcel delivery."

Stuart, who now works as a chef, said he replied to Jessica as she didn't want to 'leave her hanging' over a clearly 'personal issue'.

Stuart said he didn't want to leave Jessica hanging over a clearly 'personal issue'. Credit: Kennedy News

The 43-year-old, from Chichester in West Sussex, said: "It seemed obvious she was worried about it and I didn't want to leave her hanging, I thought I'd better let her know somehow and that was the best way I could think to do it.

"I knew it wasn't a joke as women don't send those messages to any old Tom, Dick or Harry do they?

"That's why I thought I should get back to her and let her know in the nicest possible way because, of course, it's a personal issue.

"I just had to tell her I wasn't her doctor, it's as simple as that."

Stuart advised Jessica to seek advice from her GP. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Jessica added: "I saw the health visitor soon after that text and told her about it - she found it hilarious too.

"I've learned to always save numbers in my phone now, it's the last time that's happened, it's definitely been a case of lesson learned."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Source: Ladbible

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