50 Cent Shares Viral Video Of Floyd Mayweather Struggling To Say ‘Epidemic’

50 Cent would never give up a chance to roast Floyd Mayweather.

50 Cent is back to trolling Floyd Mayweather, and this time the champion boxer gave him all the ammunition he needed. Last night Floyd Mayweather went viral when he had a huge blunder on Instagram Live trying to come up with the word “pandemic.”

The undefeated champion was quelled by the terminology which he embarrassingly stumbled over without ever having made contact with it.

Floyd was well on his way in what seemed to be a financial lesson for fans when he lapsed in communication. As he was explaining how he has managed to fiscally thrive even through the pandemic, Money Mayweather erred when he used another word with an entirely different meaning.

“I make smart investments,” he told fans on Instagram Live. “That’s why with this huge ‘academic’ – I mean,” he stuttered. “That’s why with this huge sh*t that’s going on, all this crazy stuff that’s going on – my investments are still paying off,” he said as he revealed stacks of cash.

50 Cent was as usual zealous about posting a clip of the live video to his own Instagram page. He shared a post of an edited version with an excerpt from the movie “Billy Madison” where Adam Sandler says, “Today Junior!” A foreseeable laughing emoji was added in 50 Cent’s caption along with “ain’t nobody around to tell him not to say that,” he wrote.

Some fans suggested that Floyd “invest” in his vocabulary more, which seemed a bit callous towards the athlete who is rumored to struggle with literacy. Mayweather once told New York Daily, “I didn’t get to where I got to be [by] not being able to write, read and do arithmetic… Intelligence and education are two totally different things.”

Be that as it may, this could very well have been the kind of simple mistake any of us could make, no? Okay. Both 50 Cent and social media users are having a grand time with this latest crack. I have to say, Floyd Mayweather may have brought it on himself.

Source: Urbanislandz

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