Baby Leo becomes ‘face of hope’ – recovers ’50 days’ after COVID-19 diagnosis

The number of young people with no underlying health conditions who are being ravaged by this horrific virus is frightening.

Thankfully some positive news has come out of one of the worst-hit countries and now the good news is being shared all over the world.

Baby Leo is just two months old and has recovered 50 days after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Italy has surpassed China as the country with the highest d*eath toll with more than 13,900 d*eaths from coronavirus as of April 3.

According to some media reports baby Leo from Corbetta, in Milan, was hospitalized for 50 days after being diagnosed with the virus.

He was found to have a fever, causing his heart rate and breathing to accelerate.

Now he’s recovered and images of his sweet-smiling face are being shared by thousands as he’s celebrated as the “face of hope”.

Quarantined Italians turn to music to raise their spirits

His story even moved the Mayor of Corbetta himself, Marco Ballarini, who took to Facebook to share the good news.

He posted a picture of beautiful Leo with the words: “THE WONDERFUL FACE OF HOPE. WELCOME BACK HOME LITLE LEO! 🌈”

“Today we have one more reason to smile, to be happy, to feel even more like a united community.

‘You brought summer into our hearts’

“Today we look at the wonderful face of Hope, our hope.

Corbetta, welcome home to little Leonardo, just discharged from the hospital where he won the battle against Coronavirus!

“You brought summer into the hearts of all of us Corbettesi.

Go Corbetta! ❤”

So far, more than 200,000 people have recovered from this virus with more than one million cases confirmed worldwide.

The best way to fight the spread of this virus is to stay home, if you can, and practice social distancing.

Please share to remind others and to celebrate the recovery of baby Leo!

Source: Newsner

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