Coronavirus survivor, 87, punches the air as doctors give him the all-clear in hospital

An 87-year-old Covid-19 patient who has made a full recovery and was discharged from hospital is seen in a video punching the air to demonstrate his strength

This uplifting video shows an 87-year-old Covid-19 patient demonstrating his regained strength after recovering from the disease.

In the clip, he is seen punching the air and performing various stretches in front of a doctor while lying in a hospital bed.

The elderly man was previously featured in a photo that went viral on Twitter which showed him watching the sunset in his hospital bed alongside a medic in a protection suit.

Since the picture was shared on March 6, his health has improved dramatically.

After undergoing recent tests at the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University in China, the unnamed OAP’s latest results came back negative and he is delighted to be clear of coronavirus .

CT scans showed that the elderly patient’s lungs had improved as well and he is now optimistic that he will soon be back to playing the violin – his favourite hobby.

The survivor told local media: “I want to express my gratitude for the treatment and care I received from the hospital staff that helped me achieve such a fast recovery.

“After I fully recover, I want to play my violin, and I hope they can go back home safely as soon as possible.”

In a recent snap, the elderly man is seen giving the thumbs up outside the hospital with a suited doctor next to him.

The doctor in the picture is 27-year-old Liu Kai, who was sent to Wuhan at the start of the viral outbreak.

This elderly COVID-19 patient has now tested negative for the virus

According to local media, in the picture he was accompanied by volunteer worker Gan Junchao who was taking him for a CT scan when the OAP noticed the sunset.

The volunteer suggested that they stop to watch the sunset for a moment and the touching scene was snapped by a colleague.

Zhongshan Hospital in the city of Shanghai later used the image on a huge poster that was displayed on the building’s exterior.

The man previously paused to watch the sunset with his doctor in a viral photograph

China has now recorded 80,981 cases of coronavirus, with 11 new cases in 24 hours, the World Health Organisation stated in a situation report yesterday.

Outside of China, there are 44,067 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 6,703 new cases in 24 hours, it said in the same report.

Source: dailystar

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