Dad Refuses To Let 21-Year-Old Son Back In House After Returning From Spring Break

A coronavirus-panicked dad has locked his son out of the family home after he went on a spring break trip with his friends and ignored advice to come home.

Peter Levine warned his son not to stay in South Padre Island, Texas, but the 21-year-old and his pals from Springfield College in Massachusetts just wanted to party.

Now 52-year-old Peter has refused to let his son back into their home in Nanuet, New York.

Speaking to the New York Post, Peter - a salesman, said: "I spoke with him every day and told him that maybe they should come home.

Matt Levine did return home early but his dad had already made his mind up. Credit: Stefano Giovannini

"I was aggravated. The news here was getting worse and worse. Matt sent me pictures of him and his friends congregating outdoors and listening to live music. It's the scene you would not want to be in."

Putting his foot down, Peter told Matt that him and his friends wouldn't be able to go back to the house upon their return as he explained: "His grandparents live here and there is no need to expose them to god knows what he had been exposed to."

Peter blocked Matt and his mates from going into the house. Credit: Stefano Giovannini

It seems Matt did eventually decide it was a better idea to come home but it was too late by then.

The sports management student said: "The police seemed like they were trying to ruin our good time."

The group ended up packing their things and getting a plane to New York, going on to explain: "The flight got rerouted to Tennessee because of a confirmed corona case at LaGuardia. The passengers were freaking out and trying to stay away from each other. But we made it home."

Once they were at the airport, Matt rang his dad who immediately refused to pick them up - meaning they had to find a car service that would take them to Nanuet.

On their arrival to the family home, Matt wasn't met by the warm embrace of his father. Instead, Peter blocked the gang from going into the house and prepared them for what was to come.

"I had filled the trunk of Matt's car with groceries and left him an envelope containing $300 in cash," Peter said. "All the guys' keys were on the front seat.

"They got out of the car [from the airport] near our driveway and I said, 'Stay right there! Do not go any further!' The guys were tired and they had a two-and-a-half hour drive ahead of them. I love my son, but they were not sleeping here. I said, 'If any of you have to pee, we have some bushes.' Two of them took me up on it."

Matt, who was going to move back home after the semester, is now having to stay with his roommates in their off-campus house.

Source: Ladbible

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