Dog Busts Out Into Happy Dance After He Is Told He Is Being Adopted After 4 Years In Shelter

Most humans love having dogs as pets. There is just something about those soft, furry animals that just melts our hearts! Even when they are naughty and tear up something they shouldn’t have, dogs can turn on the charm and make us forgive them quickly.

It’s what they are the best at! Unfortunately, Dreadlock, a gentleman dog from Thailand, was not lucky enough to get a family and left to languish in a shelter for four years.

However, there are still millions of dogs in shelters all over the world who are waiting for their forever homes. For many, the wait can be a long time. This is especially true if the dog in question is an older dog or one that is somewhat sick. Some older dogs take years to be adopted because families are scared to give them a chance. This was the case for a 10-year-old dog named Dreadlock. Dreadlock got his name due to his matted fur and unkempt appearance. The poor dog had dealt with a number of skin issues and problems that likely kept him from being adopted. After all, many people don’t want to adopt an animal that they are going to immediately have issues with.

However, Dreadlock loved to be cuddled and petted. Even though he was quite the mess, this older dog just wanted someone to love him. He is a gentle dog that really doesn’t get excited about much, according to the SOI Dog Foundation's facebook post. That also may be due to the fact that he had been at the shelter for four long years. That is a long time for a dog to go without a family of their own.

We all have those amazing moments in life that we know are going to cause a big change. For Dreadlock, that moment just occurred! He was finally getting his forever home. He was so excited that he started to jump around and bark. He performed his own little happy dance for the camera. You can tell he is so excited to get out of the shelter and go to his new home.

Check out the video below. Make sure you grab a tissue!

What did you think of this beautiful story? Have you ever adopted an older dog? Leave us a comment below, and then pass this along to others who would love to hear a happy story!

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