Dog Gives Owner ‘Stink Eye’ After Being Collected At Veterinarian

Dog's serve a wide variety of functions for humans. There are companion dogs, detection dogs, guide dogs, therapy dogs, tracking dogs, and the average pet. No matter their roles in society, everyone can agree that their adorable antics are the cutest part of these animals.

While it is true that official dogs trained to work at airports and other high-security places are disciplined, there are times when these animals can be seen breaking character. Dogs can never be trained or disciplined completely out of their playful nature.

This is one of the reasons that dogs make such great companions. Dogs know how to relate and connect with people on a deep level. When you need a comforting presence, dogs are always there for support. When you require protection and safety, a dog can be trained to offer this security.

Dogs are equally as responsive when their owners want to relax or spend some time outside. Dogs are special creatures with which humans have developed a close bond. Their cute facial expressions are one characteristic of which humans cannot get enough.

There are some pictures circulating on the internet of a dog who makes the cutest facial expressions. We're not sure how long this poor dog was forced to say at the veterinarian's clinic.

His facial expressions are funny enough to brighten up anybody's day.

As his owner moved from side to side, the dog refused to move his face. However, his eyes were following his owner back and forth.

This could have been a look of frustration. After all, no dog likes to be left at the vet for hours or days on end. Maybe the dog even felt slightly betrayed by his owner. It would be nice if humans could read a dog's mind. This superpower would make life so much easier.

The owner posted the hilarious video online, and it went viral instantly. The video currently has millions of views and host of funny comments. Several viewers think the dog's facial expression resembles the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Although the dog gave his owner several different facial expressions, there was one that stood out among the rest. This dog gives a very intimidating side-eye glance. Humans would have a tough time making a face that could express as much attitude and sassiness.

It is clear that the owner and his dog have a unique bond. The dog obviously feels comfortable enough giving his owner a sassy glance when he's not happy.

What do you think about this hilarious video? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to give them a good laugh today.

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