Five Men Enter Stage For Dance Off Until Man In Middle Turns Around And Steals The Show

Once again, it has come time for the Irish Dance World Championships and the stakes are high for the members of the groups that are performing. One particular group, who call themselves Fusion Fighters, have spent months of their lives practicing and perfecting the right routine to present to the audience. Now, it’s their time to showcase these skills.

Before Irish dancing was used to share Ireland’s historical background, it was often used as a method to celebrate joyous occasions. Although there aren’t many records of this type of dance in early Irish documents and books, some pieces that were found indicate that the dancing began in the 17th century. These texts tell historians that at this time in Irish culture, dancing was an integral part of their history.

In the years following the 17th century, thousands of dancing groups banded together, just like the Fusion Fighters. People from all different parts of Ireland banded together to form these groups. The groups would then travel back and forth between cities to spread their joy by performing dance routines, often on bar tops! In today’s society, Irish dancing is still a traditional and common method to honor the background and culture of the zealous Irish citizens.

The group forgets about their nerves, and walk confidently in front of the judges, waiting for the music to start as their cue to start dancing. Before you know it, everyone is stepping and dancing to the song like you’ve never seen before! The audience most likely couldn’t believe what was happening in front of their eyes, and thankfully, since it was recorded, the internet can join in the spectating fun!

This passion to honor their background is what made the Fusion Fighters band together initially. The official website for the dancers states that the members of this troupe decided to add a modern touch to the traditional Irish dancing style. This means that they want to honor their heritage, but want to add their own modern-day spin on an old form of celebration in order to entice new audiences! The Fusion Fighters are often recognized for their speedy footwork and enticing performances that you’re unable to take your eyes away from.

Their World Championship performance in the video below showcases just how amazing these dancers are.

What do you think about their performance? Think you could do this dance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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