God Doesn’t Make Mistakes: Father Writes Stirring Post About Daughter With Down Syndrome

Rory Feek did his best to remain strong after his wife Joey passed away. The widow and his little girl did not succumb to depression. After Rory's wife lost her battle with cancer, he received many messages of support, and his family and loved ones have been a source of comfort.

Rory has a blog, "This Life to Live," where he documents his and his daughter's life. Rory is devoted to his role as the sole parent to his little daughter Indiana. He knows that the job will be daunting without the girl's mother, but he believes that Joey is there in spirit to guide him throughout the journey.

If this challenge weren't already enough, Rory also has to deal with another struggle. Some people have the attitude that a little girl like Indiana who is born with Down syndrome is a mistake. They mistakenly believe that his baby could never lead an ordinary life, but this, of course, is not the case.

Rory knows that these people's ignorance is just that. He sees his beautiful daughter as a blessing from God rather than a mistake just as anyone would view a normal child. In one blog he titled "Crib Notes" Rory begins by stating that "God doesn't make mistakes."

He points out that her differences don't make Indiana any less valuable than other children. Her life is just as meaningful as other people's. Her feelings and dreams are also equally important in childhood as they will be when she's an adult.

Rory writes about his experiences meeting children with special needs, and he has felt that all of them have significance equal to other children. He shared some sad statistics in his post about the number of women who abort their children when they learn that they have Down syndrome. The number is disturbingly as high as 90 percent.

When Indiana was born, Joey and Rory agreed that the baby was the one God meant for them to have, and they treasured the love that they both experienced with their daughter. Rory said that Indiana was a gift to him and Joey rather than a mistake and that Indiana is the joy in his life during a sad time.

He ended the post by saying he is excited to see who his daughter becomes, and he believes they can teach and learn from each other as she grows.

What do you think about this father's dedication to his daughter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and pass this story on to your friends and family.

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