Grateful Parents Walk In On Hospital Worker Reading To Their Baby Girl As She Fights For Her Life

As a parent, one of your worst fears is having to watch your child go through a tough time. Having your child hospitalized truly breaks your heart, especially knowing that there is nothing that you can do other than be there for your baby.

Jacob and Cassie Baker know this feeling of helplessness all too well. Their sweet daughter, Parker Lynn, was born at only 23 weeks of gestation, weighing just over one pound. As a micro-preemie, it was a miracle that Parker even survived. The baby girl had to spend over 200 days in the NICU before finally being able to go home with her family in July 2019.

Sadly, Parker had to be put back in the hospital after two viruses weakened her lungs. While at MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center in Iowa, Parker had to be put into a medically induced coma so that her little body could recover.

One of Parker's biggest cheerleaders is cardiovascular perfusionist Dane Pratt. This loving man is in charge of monitoring Parker. He also understands the fear that parents have when their child is hooked up to all of these machines. This is why Dane goes the extra mile to give love and attention to each patient, including Parker.

In these adorable pictures, you can see Dane reading books to Parker as she lays in her hospital bed. Dane is so passionate about the connection that comes from reading that he even started a book drive at MercyOne Des Moines. Dane's favorite book to read to Parker is "The Little Engine That Could." He says that the book is the perfect example of Parker's fighting spirit and will to live.

These sweet pictures of Dane reading to Parker will restore your hope in humanity. After you have looked through these shots, be sure to spread the love to everyone else in your social network. Dane should be celebrated for his commitment to his patients.

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