Horse Hears Country Song Only To Nod At Owner And Start Line Dancing

We have all seen horses that can do amazing things. Prancing, sidestepping, jumping- you name it! However, we certainly haven’t seen a horse that was able to dance like this one can! When this horse’s favorite song begins to blast out of the stadium loudspeakers in a 2015 show, she starts to perform a pretty flawless line dance to it. We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t have seen it with our own eyes.

Luckily, the audience realized that this performance needed to be recorded. It has since been shared online for everyone to enjoy :)

It isn’t as strange as it sounds-horses really DO like music. According to TheHorse, a website about horses, some music can actually be soothing to horses, while others can stress them out. You just have to find the right genre. According to a study, jazz and rock music can stress horses out and cause them to act erratically. However, classical and country music will actually soothe these beautiful creatures in many cases!

The study determined that these genres helped to promote peace by looking at the way the horses ate while listening to the music. This equine chose “Achy Breaky Heart” as her favorite country music song. As you can see in the video below, the rider and horse don’t just flail about in the dirt! They actually prance gracefully as the hit song by Billy Ray Cyrus plays over the loudspeaker.

When the chorus came back around you can see how excited this gorgeous horse got! She must really enjoy this song! All of the fans were quick to fall in love with her and her line dancing skills. You really don’t see anything like this too often, do you?

Are you ready to check out this amazing video yourself? We are hoping to see more dance routines in the future, but for now we will watch this one over and over again! What did you think of this great performance by such a beautiful creature? Let us know in the comments and show this to your friends!

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