Landlord Waives Rent For Hundreds Of Tentants So They Can Afford Food And Survive

A New York landlord has waived April's rent for every tenant in all of his 80 properties.

Mario Salerno posted a notice on the front doors of all of his buildings, telling around 200 tenants that they didn't have to worry about paying this month's rent.

The 59-year-old said he wants people to concentrate on taking care of one another during the coronavirus pandemic.

His notice read: "Due to the recent pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 affecting all of us, please note I am waiving rent for the month for April."

Speaking about his kind gesture, Mr Salerno said health was all that mattered right now.

He told NBC New York: "I want everybody to be healthy. That's the whole thing.

"For me, it was more important for people's health and worrying about who could put food on whose table.

Mr Salerno left a note on every front door of his buildings, telling tenants they would not have to pay this month. NBC New York

"I say don't worry about paying me, worry about your neighbor and worry about your family."

Mr Salerno told The New York Times that he had recently been contacted by some of his tenants who told him that they wouldn't be able to afford the next month's rent.

He said that three renters were from Ireland and packed up all their things and went home.

Mr Gentile has lived in a property owned by Mr Salerno for the past four years and told the publication that he wasn't shocked when he saw the notice. For him, Mr Salerno is a fantastic landlord.

He said: "You don't see that, especially in a landlord-tenant relationship in New York City. He's amazing."

The 59-year-old also runs a repair shop and has been servicing emergency workers' vehicles. Credit: NBC New York

Mr Gentile was working as a lawyer for a personal injury firm when the coronavirus outbreak began. But with courthouses closing and work drying up, he was laid off.

This left him struggling to pay rent and potentially having to dip into his savings, which he and his fiancée were hoping to use for their wedding.

He explained: "It has alleviated a huge amount of stress that I have been having with the unemployment system in the state.

Mr Salerno also runs a garage and repair shop and has been working around the clock to support emergency workers who need their motors servicing during the outbreak.

He added: "Do I really want to do a simple oil change and a brake job? No, but I have a lot of doctors and nurses who need their cars serviced."

Featured Image Credit: NBC New York

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