Little Boy Strolls Up To Baby Gorilla At Zoo And They Start Playing An Adorable Game

There are times when we are able to make the unlikeliest of friends in the most unlikely environments. The parents of little Isaiah probably didn't expect to see their son choose a gorilla as his playmate and friend when they took the toddler to the Columbus Zoo.

Kamoli is the baby gorilla that was housed in the zoo's Congo Exhibition Area when Isaiah showed up to play with the gorilla.

Isaiah's mom, Sherry, told the Columbia Dispatch they noticed there son staring up at Kamoli. They asked the toddler to imitate the gorilla and the young boy began to beat on his chest. This is when Kamoli began to pay attention to the toddler. What followed can only be described as a game of tag between the boy and the gorilla. When Kamoli ran to one side of the enclosure from Isaiah, the young boy would follow.

When the gorilla would hide behind a tree, Isaiah eagerly searched for him. Both of them appeared to be having the time of their lives.

Sherry enjoyed the interaction between her son and the gorilla. She was happy for him to make such an exotic friend. Humans and gorillas often get along quite well due to the fact they have so much in common. The boy and the gorilla went back and forth for about five minutes before they begin to grow tired. Once he understood it was time to leave, Isaiah waved at Kamoli and said 'bye gorilla.'

Sherry says her son is always a playful kid. She says the only difference was that the time he spent playing was with a gorilla. She says her little boy thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The internet seemed to enjoy the interaction just as much as Isaiah's mother did. The video of the young boy's playtime with the gorilla has gotten two million views.

One commenter compared Kamoli with the late gorilla, Harambe. The commenter also wondered how anyone could possess ill intent for such wonderful animals. Another commenter called it amazing that humans and gorillas are so much alike as children.

Did you enjoy watching Isaiah playing with the baby gorilla? Would you have gotten a little nervous as a parent even though Kamoli and Isaiah were separated by the glass enclosure? Send this article and video to your friends. They will enjoy playtime between the new friends as much as you did.

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