Little Donkey Lives In House And Believes He’s A Dog

It's often endearing when animals act like different species. This little donkey, called Tiny Tim, lives inside a house, and acts like a pet dog to owners Jody and Ted Topping from Canada.

Tiny Tim sadly had a lot of health problems when he was born.

His liver wasn't functioning properly, which resulted in slow growth. It was not certain if he would make it through, but he is strong willed, and with medical help from the vet and kindness from his human family, he survived. After his birth he needed around the clock care, and had to be fed every 20 minutes through a syringe, reports People.

As he was so small, Tiny Tim became a house pet. But not just any house pet – he acts like he’s a dog. He responds to being called and trained like a dog, enjoys pillow fights, and loves to mess around with his owners. Jody told People, “He takes on characteristics of dogs. He fetches a ball, licks plates as I load the dishwasher and sleeps on a dog bed.”

His owners weren't able to reintroduce him back outside, as due to his size it would be dangerous for him as it is likely he'd be injured by another animal. Jody set up a Facebook page for Tiny Tim, and it proved to be very popular. It received over 5 million video views in less than a week.

According to People, the Toppings family are currently working towards getting a therapy animal certification so he can bring joy into more people's lives.

We are so glad Tiny Tim overcame his health issues and is receiving the love and care he deserves. Let us know the cutest thing your pet does, in the comments below!

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