Marine Is In The Middle Of Promotion Ceremony – 3-Year-Old Son Walks Up And Says ‘Good Afternoon Gentlemen’

When one Marine was promoted, his toddler was not going to sit there and not be part of the show.

A video, which was uploaded to youtube in 2016, shows a little boy marching up to his dad as he was promoted and taking charge.

The video begins with one of the marines marching to the front of the formation where his superior reads out his new responsibilities as a Marine sergeant.

“As a sergeant of Marines, you must set the example for others to emulate," his superior read out loud. "You are responsible for the accomplishment of your assigned mission, and for the safety, professional development, and well-being of the Marines of your charge,."

“You will be the embodiment of our institutional core values of honor, courage, and commitment," he continued. "You will lead your marines with firmness, fairness, and dignity while observing the following orders of your senior leaders and enforcing all regulations and articles…”

Once the responsibilities are done being read out to him, one special little guest steals the show: the marine's very proud three-year-old child. The little boy walks up to the front clearly thrilled to be there and says, “Good afternoon, gentlemen.” His dad laughs and then kneels so his son can pin his new emblems that came with his promotion.

The dad was stoic and poised but still, let a little smile slip as the little boy pinned him. When the child is finally finished his dad tells him he's done a "good job" and gives him a big hug before the boy runs back.

The cute video, which was uploaded on youtube in November 2016, has proven to be a huge hit with over 12 million views 89K likes.

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