Miniature Horse Race Erupts In Stables, Owners Lose It As Unseen Outsider Sprints Around Corner

Regardless of size, horses need exercise. From the two ton draft horses of the world to the miniature horses weighing up to 350 pounds, equines have an innate need to kick up their hooves and expend some of their energy.

Yet what’s an owner to do on an icy day in the middle of winter when their miniatures are getting antsy?

Apparently, holding a miniature horse race in the middle of the barn is the perfect answer!

Alicia, the caregiver of the miniature horses, decided since the animals couldn’t play outside lest they injure themselves, she would give them the opportunity to expend some of their energy inside instead. When she opened up the stalls, three of the four brown and white miniatures took the opportunity to dash down the aisles.

Running as if they were in the tiniest version of the Kentucky Derby, these critters truly seemed to be having a grand time. As Alicia and her companion were filming, another contestant dashed on screen.

The stable dog decided he needed to stretch his legs in the warmth and relative dryness of the stable too versus outdoors in the cold, wet weather. Finally, as the canine turns the corner, a fourth up and comer trots down the aisle—the last miniature horse attempting to keep up with his friends.

You can hear Alicia in the background as she laughs and states, “We’re never getting any work done today!” Who would want to work when they can watch miniature horses play instead?

Have you ever witnessed an impromptu race? Was it between two different species? Tell us your stories below in the comments! If Alicia’s crew of wild galloping miniature horses made you laugh, then pass this story onto a friend.

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