Mom Said “Go To Bed” But Twins’ Adorable Comeback Caught Her Off Guard

Twins can be double the fun but also double the trouble. If they don't want to cooperate, well, you have your hands full trying to corral two at the same time. This story from 2011 demonstrates that.

This mom of 18-month-old twin boys has nap time down pat and has recorded their nap time routine for all the world to see. Some parents may be taking notes. Other may be scratching their heads and wondering how on earth she pulled this off.

The video starts in the hallway, not far from their bedroom door. They are dressed in matching brightly-colored outfits and sitting on a small rug on the floor when mom tells them "Go to bed."

She has to repeat it, but they soon pick up what looks like a cross between a bottle and a sippy cup and race off down the hall, with her hurrying to keep up and keep them in view so she can keep recording. Then she and the boys enter their delightful bedroom.

Each boy has his own crib. They are placed end to end and outfitted with a zip-up mesh tent, probably to keep bugs out so the kids aren't bitten by mosquitoes while they sleep. They both toss their drink over the rail, freeing their hands up. Then they begin to climb.

One of the boys is much more talented at climbing into his crib. He gymnastically flips himself over the railing in record time. Meanwhile, his brother struggles.

The first boy, possibly bored and waiting on his brother to get with the program, tosses his blanket out of the crib. Mom retrieves it for him and gives it back. Finally, they are each in their own crib. Mom helps them zip their mesh tent closed while cooing "Night night" at them. They coo back.

We don't really know if the two boys will actually lay down and promptly go to sleep, but it's wonderful to see them race off to their crib without making a fuss. Letting them handle parts of it themselves seems to have helped get mom the buy-in she needs to make the start of nap time a low drama affair instead of a reason to tear her hair out.

Are these the cutest toddlers you've seen here lately? Do you know someone who would get a giggle out of seeing this nap-time routine? Go ahead and forward this clip to them now!

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