Officer Says Farewell To Beloved K-9 Partner With Final Radio Call

Faust is the name of a loyal German Shepherd who accomplished some incredible things during his time with the BNSF Police Department. This talented canine worked for eight years in the Explosives Detection and Patrol Department.

Along with his partners, Faust responded to countless calls throughout his time with the department. In 2015, Faust was the recipient of a second-place award at the National Railway Police K9 Trials. He also was awarded the fifth place in a test for explosive detection.

After nearly eight years on the job, Faust was ready to retire. He will spend the rest of his years with a loving owner. But Schaffer wanted to give his partner a proper good-bye from the force. During Faust's last day, Schaffer had something special planned. He was sitting in the police car with Faust resting in the center.

When the radio started to crackle, Faust's ears perked immediately.

This noise used to mean that the partners were being called to a job. Schaffer had something different planned today, however. The voice on the radio can be heard congratulating Faust on his eight years of service with the force. The police dispatcher officially thanked Faust for his loyal service. This was a very emotional and bittersweet moment for Schaffer.

On his Facebook page, Schaffer wrote a personal message to Faust. He thanked his loyal partner for all the years of dedication and service. Schaffer also made sure to thank the dog for keeping him safe throughout the years.

Even though Schaffer and Faust aren't partners anymore, the duo didn't say goodbye forever. After Faust retired from the police force, he was officially adopted by Schaffer, The IRFO reports.

Both police officers are now enjoying the benefits of Faust's retirement. Schaffer and Faust recently visited California to do some hiking. They visited Vasquez Rocks and enjoyed the stunning scenery in the area. While at home, Schaffer and Faust enjoy going to the local park. Faust is a major fan of resting in the grass.

What a wonderful retirement for this brave dog! Do you have any friends or family members who adopted former police or military dogs? Would you adopt such a dog if you had the chance to? Pass this article along to any friends or family members who love dogs. It's sure to put a smile on their face!

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