Overly dramatic dog “faints” when getting his nails trimmed

If there’s one thing people can’t get enough of, it’s animal videos. That’s why the internet is flooded with just about everything imaginable. From puppies playing with kids to dogs that smile, you can find it all. But once in a while, a video comes along that takes us by surprise.

If you currently own a dog or have at some point in your life, you know they all have unique character traits and personalities. Like humans, pups react to things they see, hear, and do. As an example, some dogs jump up and look surprised after passing gas. Others run into another room after being scolded, just like a human child.

Keeping dogs clean and pretty

Depending on the breed, some pups require more grooming than others. While a Poodle requires regular haircuts…a Pit Bull doesn’t. But even for those that only need an occasional bath and nail trimming, it’s important to stay on top of it. Not only is this good for their health but it also makes them look and smell better.

Most dogs handle nail trimming just fine

But then there’s this gal named Ginger. She’s a gorgeous Pit Bull, dearly loved and cared for by her owner. The woman realized her dog was due for a nail trim. After seeing what unfolded, and fortunately captured on video, you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Putting her at ease

From the looks of it, the owner knows trimming her nails isn’t one of Ginger’s favorite things. This pup would rather be playing ball, going for a walk, or getting a belly rub. So, she first shows her the clippers and allows her to sniff them.

Her stress level is rising

Looking at this gorgeous pup, you get the sense she’s starting to feel a little bit stressed. The poor thing squints her eyes and puts her ears back…both indicators she’s not too happy.

Slowly and gently

With extreme care, the owner starts by lifting Ginger’s right paw. But the dog quickly puts it down. That’s when the woman holds out her hand, trying to encourage her baby to lift her paw again.

Okay, let’s try the left paw

She then lifts Ginger’s left paw. Next, she starts to trim her nails. But within the blink of an eye, the unexpected happens.

Wait for it — 3, 2, 1

Before she can do anything, this sweet pup begins to fall backward. You can hear a man in the background snicker as Ginger drops closer and closer to the floor.

She faints

At this point, the man says, “There she goes.” And he wasn’t kidding. She flops completely onto her back. He follows up with “She’s d*ead.” Of course, she’s not, but she’s sprawled out as though she were.

A silver lining

Although Ginger is out for the count or at least faking it very well, she has all four legs in the air. This gives her owner a perfect opportunity to clip her long nails. The pup doesn’t move, prompting the man to ask, “Are you okay?”

People had a lot to say

This video, which has now been watched more than seven million times, ended up with a ton of comments from people who watched it. One poster said, “This dog literally needs to be in movies. The funniest part is, when she falls, and doesn’t only lie down, she sticks her legs up in the air. What a ham!”

More people commented

Another individual had this to say, “I’m more impressed that she fell in slow mo lol.” [sic] And then there was this person, “That’s a Meryl Streep worth performance, give her an Oscar already.” We have to agree.

Just in case anyone’s worried about Ginger, she’s just fine. And her owner was able to clip all of her nails. Are you needing a good laugh today? Watch the video below…it’ll deliver.

Source: Animalchannel

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