Paul McCartney Had James Corden Crying After Telling Story Behind Legendary Beatles Song

Famous actor and television host, James Corden, usually sets the mood of his shows to be upbeat, positive, and funny. A 2018 show he did with Beatles star, Paul McCartney, was a bit different, however. Corden couldn’t help but break into tears, revealing a sensitive side not usually seen on his show when McCartney revealed the inspiration behind the hit song, “Let It Be.”

The two stars rode around Liverpool checking out McCartney’s old hangout spots and talking about his time with the Beatles. When "Let It Be" started playing in the car, McCartney took the time to tell the story of how he came up with the name and the lyrics.

His mother came to him in a dream and reassured him that everything was going to be okay, that life was going to be fine, and told him to just let it be.

Paul remembered her words vividly, and it inspired him to write one of the greatest Beatles hits of all time. Corden told McCartney that it was the most beautiful story he had ever heard, and you can see Corden’s eyes welling with tears as they took a small moment of silence.

Corden explained that he had gotten so emotional because his most pivotal memory of his deceased grandfather included the Beatles hit, "Let It Be." His grandfather was also a musician, and he sat him down one day to have a discussion with him about inspiration. He told Corden that he was going to play him the best song he had ever heard, which was "Let It Be.”

The mood did eventually change to a happier tone, and the two started performing duets of songs such as "Penny Lane," "Drive My Car" and many others. The duo surprised fans at one of McCartney’s favorite pubs with an impromptu concert, performing hits such as "Hey, Jude.” It’s an afternoon everyone will remember and cherish forever.

Watch the video below to learn more about McCartney’s wonderful music journey, and relive your favorite Beatles moments:

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