Smart Dad Brings His Kids’ Temper Tantrums To Screeching Halt By Fooling Them With ‘Game’

It's something that even the most patient parent has to deal with on a regular basis – the challenge of trying to get your child to stop crying. Young children don't often know any other way to express themselves than by turning on the waterworks to get what they want.

That's something a father on vacation in Cabo San Lucas recently experienced with his two young daughters.

His daughter Genevieve, 3, came out of the bathroom clad in a swimsuit with tears streaming down her face. Following closely behind was his younger daughter, Georgia, 1, who was also crying.

As the pair wailed loudly for their mother, the creative father came up with a smart solution to stop his daughter's crying. He decided to start a fun game with them that he learned awhile back while also battling another bout of tears from this troublesome twosome.

While still filming the girls, the dad asks them if they want to take turns crying. Although it takes Genevieve a little while to calm down enough to start, Georgia seems on board right away and halts her tears.

The dad starts by letting out a pitiful, fake cry, much in the way his daughters were just a few moments ago. He then tells Georgia that it's her turn to cry, but the 1-year-old looks puzzled and says she doesn't want to cry anymore.

Then it's Genevieve's turn. The 3-year-old lets out a heartfelt wail while also mumbling for her mother at the same time. After Genevieve takes her turn, the dad repeats the game by fake crying again. Georgia again refuses to cry and says that she's done now, but still wants her mother.

By the second turn around, Genevieve's tears have diminished to practically nothing, although she also asks for her mother. Knowing he's achieved what he set out to do, the proud dad gives both of his daughters a high-five for stopping the flow of tears.

He captioned his video “Works every single time.”

What do you think of this dad's unique way of getting his children to stop crying? Do you think it's wise to come up with a fun game like this to distract them, or should you just let them wail until they feel they're done? Be sure to leave a comment and pass this video along.

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