Three Men Perform Soulful Beatles Classic In Empty Church And Their Rendition Is Like Nothing Before

If you need a little help from your friends these days, then tune into this timeless tenor trio from Utah as they soothe listeners with a captivating rendition of Paul McCartney’s “Let It Be.” Be prepared to meet The Beatles all over again with this mesmerizing recording captured from multiple empty cathedrals.

It won’t be long before you see how these impactful postmodern musicians, known as the group GENTRI, really found a way to take this sad song and make it even better.

Living is Easy with the Men of GENTRI

Bradley Quinn Lever, Casey Elliott, and Brad Robins combined their terrific tenor talents to form the backbone of GENTRI. By joining forces with producer and composer Stephen Nelson, these three musical geniuses transcend both time and space to foster seriously soulful soundscapes. With unbridled originality, they wisely classified their genre as “Cinematic Pop.”

Angelic Atmospheres Get New Wings

GENTRI clearly took religious implications into mind when performing at three sacred sites simultaneously. Being stationed at separate pews instilled a surreal ambiance. The church settings provide a touching spiritual angle. Suddenly, the group’s song selection makes perfect sense. In addition to the sanctuary’s chill-inducing acoustical resonance, it’s a particularly poignant venue for a composition that opens with this lyric: “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom.”

Get Back to The Beatles

Surprisingly, a lot of fans are unaware that the songwriter is actually referencing his mother in the lyrics. Although she passed away when he was only 14-years-old, she remained a positive influence throughout his life.

As McCartney explained in interviews, he had a dream during a notably rocky time in 1968 where his maternal ancestress calmed him down with the reassuring mantra that became this tune’s title and chorus.

Although the masterpiece was conceived during tumultuous studio sessions for The White Album, it was held to be issued on a later record in 1970, which was eponymously named. Let It Be ended up being The Beatles’ final collection.

Fixing a Whole Ton of Optimism

When it’s all too much to handle, all you need is some love from GENTRI. If they seem familiar, it might be because you recognize them from past headlines. Astute viewers have probably deduced that they are the same gentlemen responsible for the viral sensation of “Dare,” which made uplifting waves by prominently showcasing a handicapped ballerina who refused to give up the art after having her foot amputated.

The British Invasion Redux

All across the universe, nothing compares to this clip, so just think for yourself and act naturally. You’ll wish that you had seen it yesterday. Luckily, you can now view it any time at all, so there’s no reason not to aim for eight days a week.

Although no guitars gently wept, you’ve got to get this performance into your life. Their harmonies are smoother than savoy truffles. There’s no mystery to GENTRI’s magical tour.

What do you think of this chilling rendition of a classic Beatles song? All across the universe, nothing compares to this clip, so be sure to pass this on to music and Beatles fans alike!

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