Tiny premature baby girl beats coronavirus and can now go home – let’s hear it for her

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic it seems like we wake up to more and more disheartening news every morning. That’s why it’s perhaps more important than ever for us to share the rays of light to be found.

Peyton was born prematurely at just 3lbs 5oz and diagnosed with COVID-19 when she was just three weeks old.

As per BBC News, mom Tracy Maguire said that her baby began to show minor symptoms during her early days, including a sniffle and a few coughs. After a test it became evident that little Peyton had coronavirus.

“They said ‘she’s fine, don’t panic – but she has tested positive for coronavirus’,” Tracy explained.

“I think the doctor was trying to keep me calm but I was sobbing.

“As much as she was fine I thought at what point was she with the virus? How is she fighting against it when she’s so wee? It was just the unknown.”

Peyton was treated with steroids to help strengthen her lungs and received “amazing” care from nurses to keep her fighting.

Yet no sooner had Tracy recovered from her caesarean section than was she told she would have to isolate for 14 days away from her baby.

“I was pleading on the phone with the doctor saying I don’t want to be away from her,” she said.

“As much as everyone was looking after her, I’m her mum. Even if it was the cold, I’d want to be there with her.”

Eventually doctors allowed that Tracy could stay, though her partner Adrian was forced to go home and isolate without being able to see his newborn girl.

Fortunately, Peyton defied the odds and her condition improved. She and Tracy left hospital earlier this week. Both mother and daughter are doing well.

Tracy commended the nurses, saying they guided and cared for her during the most trying time in her life.

“They are doing a job that is unreal – they put their life at risk to make sure my baby was getting fed and cuddled in their full PPE,” she said.

“It’s spectacular, you’ll never understand how grateful you can be to people. Peyton is my most precious thing in the whole world and I trusted them to look after her.

“To any mums that are worried, put your trust in these nurses.”

Thank you, Lord, for wrapping baby Peyton in your loving arms. And thank you to the wonderful nurses and doctors who oversaw this special baby’s recovery.

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Source: Newsner

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