Toddler Lets Secret From Home Slip, Teacher Rushes To Make A Phone Call

A teacher's job is to ensure that we have the knowledge we need to become informed, exceptional people. That's why they have such a profound influence on us that lasts throughout the generations. Our parents are first in our lives, but teachers are a very close second.

Teachers are like parents in so many ways. Sometimes, they are our best friends, and other times, they can be our worst enemies. When they treat us in a strict manner, that is only because they want the best for us. And for all of their work, the truth is that teachers are largely unappreciated and underpaid.

They are the ones who show their students what it is like to be good people, but some do even more than that. Take kindergarten teacher Nancy Bleuer of Mason City, Iowa, for instance. She is 53 years old and as sweet as she can be.

She and her students share a close connection and she does whatever it takes to make them smile when they are sad.

That's what happened one day when Nancy noticed that Camden wasn't his usual, playful self.

She wanted to know what was wrong, so she asked him. Camden told her a story about Darreld Peterson, Camden's father. This story just about broke Nancy's heart.

Nancy knew Camden's story required that she do something. She called Darreld to ask him if he was really as sick as Camden said he was. Darreld said that it was true; he has a very serious kidney disease. His kidneys are only functioning at a level of 20 percent.

Darreld is currently on dialysis, but because he was in such a fragile position when he got started, the dialysis made it worse. Camden said that the sight of his father terrified him because he looked so ill.

Nancy knew that she had to do something to help. She didn't think that she should let Camden out of school for a day or help the family with their grocery bills. That wouldn't have improved the situation much. Rather than those gestures, she decided to do something much better.

Nancy decided that she was going to donate a kidney to Camden's dad!

Nancy was a perfect match, so Camden no longer has to worry about losing his dad.

You can watch their story in the video below:

What do you think of Nancy's reaction? Have you ever been reliant on someone's health?

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