Woman Adopted Pup Noone Wanted—Soon Found Out It Was No Ordinary Dog

Energetic puppies can be a handful, that is for sure. Unfortunately for little Penny, nobody could handle the behavior of this silly pup. The poor dog had been returned to the shelter numerous times, unable to find the perfect family willing to engage in her antics.

Until one day when Penny got extremely lucky. A woman named Leonora Anzaldua fell in love with Penny right away after seeing her at the shelter. Leonora understood that Penny needed love as well as entertaining activities to keep her busy and out of trouble.

Penny's previous owners had not provided enough stimulation to Penny, resulting in the puppy destroying everything in her path. However, Leonora made sure that Penny was played with and entertained. As a result, Leonora soon realized just how smart this puppy truly was.

At first, Leonora taught Penny out to sit. After picking up this command on the third try, Leonora moved on to more difficult tricks. By only eight months of age, Penny was a master at performing a variety of common dog tricks.

Leonora learned that dogs had the mental capacity of a toddler and decided to test that theory herself. She bought Penny block letters and taught her how to recognize shapes and even spell her own name.

It was obvious that all Penny needed all along was an owner who would take the time to engage with her and stimulate her mind. Now you can see for yourself just how smart Penny is. After watching this video of her tricks, be sure to spread the puppy joy to everyone that you know.

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