Baby Boy Born Without Eyes Perches At Piano, His Next Action Has Dad Racing For His Camera

Patrick John and Patricia Hughes had thousands of dreams for their new baby boy when they found that they were expecting. Patrick John could not wait to bond with his son over fishing trips and playing catch. However, all of these dreams were put on hold when the parents learned that their son was born without eyes until he sat down at a piano and found the keys.

Not only was baby Patrick Henry born without eyes, but he also could not straighten his legs and arms because of a rare ligament condition. The boy was fitted with artificial eyes and given a wheelchair to get around.

Although Patrick Henry has a host of physical limitations, he is incredibly gifted in other ways. Even at one year of age, Patrick Henry demonstrated a love and a natural talent for playing the piano.

Patricia would sit with the young toddler at the piano and play a song. Patrick Henry was amazingly able to replicate the tune without even the benefit of being able to see the keys. It was clear from a young age that Patrick Henry had a gift for musical performance.

By two years old, the sweet boy was already taking song requests.

As the young boy grew up, his love for music continued. He played both the piano and the trumpet throughout school and was even able to join the University of Louisville marching band, an incredible accomplishment for a boy with his disabilities.

Listen to this boy's talent in the video below:

With the help of his parents, Patrick Henry knows that he can accomplish anything that he sets out to do. This video demonstrates more of this inspirational story. After you have watched all about Patrick Henry's accomplishments, be sure to spread this inspiration with everyone else that you know.

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