German Shepherd's Favorite Song Plays On Radio Then Her Dance Moves Cause A Storm On The Internet

You know the feeling when your favorite tune comes on the radio and you can't help but dance? This pooch knows the feeling all too well, and seemingly shows us her best moves when she hears her top track.

The German Shepherd's ears start twitching and moving to the beat, apparently following the rap along. She seems to hit every beat and note of the singer. Her ears twitch adorably. Of course, attentive viewers can see the sleeve and arm on the lower right and realize the pooch is not actually dancing with her ears.

It's only her owner who pulls on her ears slightly. As she seems completely calm and unhurt, it seems she doesn't mind this behavior much. In any case, we guarantee the video below will bring a smile to your face. Maybe it will even remind you of your own precious pooch!

Did that bring a smile to your face? If it did why not show it to your fellow animal lovers as well!

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