Lonely Widow Walks Into Restaurant By Herself, Unaware Group Of Men Enter After Her Watching Closely

Going to a restaurant alone can be daunting. Sitting there, surrounded by people but with no company of your own, makes you feel isolated. Let's be honest -- no one wants to be the odd man (or woman) out. Sometimes, however, unexpected surprises can await you when you're out dining alone.

Such a thing happened to Eleanor, who unexpectedly made three brand new friends when she was out dining alone a day before what would have been her 60th anniversary.

Sometimes there's no choice but to eat alone. Maybe your friends are busy, or maybe you don't have many friends.

Perhaps your children have gotten older and can't take time away from their busy lives. For whatever reason, you'll be eating alone.

Eleanor faced that situation when she decided to go out for a bite to eat. Her 60th wedding anniversary was the next day.

Sadly, her husband had passed away, leaving her no one to spend her anniversary with.

She was dining alone when a good Samaritan spotted her. Jamario Howard and a few of his friends were enjoying their meal at Brad's Bar-B-Que. He noticed Eleanor sitting by herself and couldn't get her out of his mind.

Finally, Howard decided to approach Eleanor. He asked if he could join her, and she said yes. They chatted for a while, and he found out about how Eleanor had lost her husband. Moved, he asked her if she'd like to share a meal with him and his friends. Eleanor agreed, and they shared an amazing meal.

"She told me she lost her husband and that tomorrow would have been their 60th anniversary," Howard wrote on Facebook.

The experience stuck with Howard. He posted pictures of the dinner and said that what happened that day changed his life.

Howard urged people to visit their parents, grandparents, and other elderly relatives who might be lonely.

He also urged people not to judge others. "Everyone," he wrote, "has a story."

What would you have done in Howard's situation? Would you have noticed Eleanor and considered reaching out to her? Let us know what you think in the comments below and pass this inspiring story along to your friends and family!

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