Most of us agree that it's important to help the less fortunate in our communities. Our society is only as good as the people who live in it, which means those who need a little helping hand should get it when they're struggling to make ends meet. We're all better off when those who need help receive it.

However, the world is sadly full of people who abuse the generosity of others and the public entitlements put in place to assist people who need help.

Meet Alana Burns of England. At 38-years-old, she has a whopping seven kids and is raising them all as a single mother. Even more shockingly, she is currently pregnant with twins.

After losing her apartment, Alana moved into a public housing unit that's referred to in the United Kingdom as a council estate. The four-bedroom apartment might be a tight squeeze for such a large family, but it was the best that the government could provide for the impoverished family.

Alana isn't grateful, though. She claims that the apartment is unlivable, complaining of leaky fixtures, uneven floors and a lack of a free television. Alana called the apartment "uninhabitable" when speaking to local news outlets.

She also said that she wanted something bigger, as four bedrooms was a tight squeeze for her large family.

People were outraged that the unemployed mother, who'd given birth so such a large amount of children without the means to support them, was making so many seemingly entitled demands.

"This is unbelievable! She's been given an apartment for free and she's still complaining!" one person commented.

While we all want to be sympathetic to people in need, it's hard to find sympathy for someone who's so seemingly irresponsible and entitled. Show this story to anyone who's fed up with people who think the world should cater to their whims!

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