Parents Hear Whispering On Baby Monitor After Putting Two-Year-Old Daughter To Bed

About an hour after two-year-old Sutton's parents had put the young girl to bed they were quite terrified when they heard whispers on the baby monitor. But then they realized that is was actually Sutton whispering a prayer.

Every night before bed, Caleb and Kathryn Whitt say their prayers with their young daughter. They weren't sure if two-year-old Sutton understood why they were praying, but they feel it's important to reflect and be grateful for all blessings.

One busy night, the Whitts put little Sutton to bed without praying. It had been a long day, and they were exhausted. Praying had simply slipped their minds.

After about an hour, when Sutton should have been sound asleep, they heard whispers on the baby monitor. Was their house haunted? Was there an intruder in their home? The Whitts were terrified.

Imagine their surprise when they realized the whispers were coming from Sutton! Their sweet little girl realized her parents had forgotten to pray, so she took matters into her own hands.

Caleb and Kathryn listened while Sutton said a prayer for her friends, parents, and grandparents. She even said a prayer for Santa Claus for good measure. We're sure little Sutton will be on the nice list this Christmas!

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