Teenage Cashier Suspended After Buying Police Officer Low-Priced Dessert With Own Money

We are all taught to treat others with respect and goodwill, but sometimes, it doesn't "pay" to be so nice, and you will see why in this video. Teenagers often get a bad rap for being selfish, immature, and foolish. Our story paints a much different picture, and the incident took place in Barker, Texas, with a young man named Zack Randolph. He's 18 and a cashier at a mall store called Great American Cookies.

Zack was at the eatery when an on-duty police officer stopped by to pick up a dessert. The teen cashier wanted to perform a gesture of appreciation for the fine work the men in blue do, so he offered to buy the brownie at $2.75. Zack could have used his employee discount, but he didn't.

The officer was touched by the teen's generosity and respect for law enforcement.

When he left the establishment, a middle-aged couple who had been waiting behind the cop with their young daughter let Zack have it. They demanded free desserts, but Zack reminded them that the man before them was wearing a badge.

Zack then alleges that the couple started verbally harassing him and labeling him a r*acist. The cashier refused to serve the couple, and things got nasty.

Reports say the customer allegedly tried to attack Zack from behind the counter, and his wife allegedly threatened to s*lap him. Another employee intervened and brought calmness to the situation. The customer threatened to have Zack fired, and the family left. Management heard about it, and the teen cashier was suspended for one week without pay.

Tami, Randolph's mom, wanted to get her son's side of the story out on social media. She posted to her Facebook account, and numerous people agreed with Zack Randolph.

Soon enough, Great American Cookies apologized to the teen admitting his heart was in the right place. Zack's suspension was lifted; he doesn't regret his act of kindness towards police.

Spread the word to make sure Zack gets the written apology he deserves!

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