Unemployed Parents-Of-3 Living On Benefits Say They Want 3-Bedroom Council House

Some people truly need government assistance to get back on their feet and provide for their families while they look for ways to earn money. And then there are those who give welfare recipients a bad name by making unrealistic demands and expecting the government to cater to their endless needs.

Adele and Matt Allen seem to be just such people!

This unusual couple has a strange way of life, and an even stranger belief system that teaches that they are entitled to taxpayer money along with a three-bedroom council house since they don’t live extravagant lives, as detailed at News.com.au.

Any hopes that Matt might get a job and support his own family are unlikely since Matt explains that he has “no intention of spending 45-50 hours a week working” and explains that it’s not in his “psyche”.

This isn’t the first time that the Allens have come under scrutiny. The family, which has made themselves famous thanks to the internet, has been proud to broadcast their unconventional parenting techniques and lifestyle choices.

Despite their choice to receive benefits, the Allens claim that they live off the grid and try to operate a more simplistic lifestyle. They also believe in child-led parenting where the children themselves get to have the main say in the way that they are raised – for instance, the kids get to decide when they have bedtime and if they want to brush their teeth.

The children are also exempt from attending school since the Allens believe that it is too similar to a prison. School isn’t the only thing that’s out – they also shun doctors and modern medicine, since Adele is sure that breast milk is a cure for most illnesses.

While living off the grid rarely involves government benefits, Matt explains that he feels that he is saving the taxpayers money since he, his wife, and their three children have a very modest lifestyle. He also points out that their choice to have at-home births saved the government money. It seems that this family believes that, as long as they are limiting their own lifestyle expenses, living off welfare is perfectly fine.

What do you think of the Allens’ lifestyle choices? While we all have our own thoughts about their choices, it seems that they are the only ones who get to make the ultimate decision on how they want to live. Invite your friends to read about this interesting family and share their thoughts in the comment section below.

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